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Roll The Bones

Your time is up, your fate is sealed.

'Ello there.
I am, a Nobody.
The name's Rukusōdo, or Luxord if you want to get real technical about it.
Most stick to calling me the "Gambler of Fate". You'd be wise to do the same.
As the name states, I'm one hell of a gambler and take pride in it.
I can Be rather smug or snarky and very conceded. You may even consider me vain. A classic smarts ass at it's best.

My home resides in the great Castle Oblivion on The World That Never Was, along with the other Nobodies.
I take the tenth seat of Organization Thirteen.
My weapons of choice are a fine set of playing cards and dice, larger than life.
I also hold power over time control. Rather handy if I do say so myself.
I use these skills to aid my Superior in harvesting hearts along with little side missions for myself.

More to come at a later date, loves.