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11th-Nov-2007 12:15 am - I Lost. . .
So as you all know; Friday night was the date of the strip poker match that I had been planning for a few weeks now.
The game started out nice and smooth, Riku was the first to lose a piece of clothing, his shoes.

It all just went down hill from there.

For the first time in my nonexistence, I lost at a game of cards.
Christ only knows how he did it but Number III beat my arse to the end of the block and back.

I am utterly humiliated on all levels, mostly because I had chosen not to wear a pair of knickers on that night of all nights.
Damn my over confidence. ::sigh::

Don't expect to see me wondering around the castle much for awhile.
Guess who needs time to recover from his self-inflicted trauma?

Luxord, out.
7th-Nov-2007 12:04 am - Out And About. . .
So, against Xemnas's The Superior's word, I decided to take a little trip to Wonderland the other day; changing into what you might consider, "casual wear" of course.
That cloak is far to conspicuous to wear out in broad daylight. Who exactly came up with our uniform?
What a wanker. . .

Moving on. . .
That bloody castle is far too boring for my taste. That and I needed a brake for Xaldin's beastly cooking.
That man couldn't brew a proper cup of tea if his life depended on it. ::sigh::

The Cheshire Cat managed to one up me in a game of chess. What a brilliant creature he is.
I only hope that one day, I'll manage to understand every word he speaks. Sitting up in that tree with him for to long would drive anyone just a tad bit bonkers in my opinion.
I really would have loved to stay longer, if only to travel down to visit the Mad Hatter and the March Hare but had to take my leave of the world, the hours growing late.

For once, I did manage a peaceful night of sleep without interruptions from either explosions in the basement Vexen's the genus, hmm? or Christ only knows the source of all the other ruckus.
Axel and Roxas, learn to keep it down. Some people actually sleep at night you know.

Over all, it was a very pleasant day.

Until we meet next, loves. . .

3rd-Nov-2007 11:13 pm - Introduction post, loves
Not really sure what you all want me to say.
Hmm, hello is the best I can come up with.

Let's stick to calling me Luxord, neh?
Rukusōdo cramps my style just a tad bit.

I'll be a bit, slow, at this whole blogging thing.
The computers are a new addition to the castle and the only one who has gotten any past play time with the bloody machines would be, you guessed it, Vexen.
This whole Online Poker thing is a bit interesting though. . .

Speaking of poker, I need to get back to my game.
This Texas Hold'em is easier then one would imagine.
Yes, I'm ahead by more then a few chips.

Until next time, loves.
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